What does raw and unfiltered mean?

Raw and Unfiltered Honey means just what it says! Our honey is literally the raw product as it is derived straight from the hive. We gently warm the honey for ease of filling and then we simply strain out the bees wings and legs and other distasteful things that you would not want in your honey. All of the pollens and enzymes that naturally occur in the honey are untouched by our straining system because we use large enough microns to allow those wonderful things to freely flow through! Some people question warming or heating the honey to fill it but in perspective this has no barring on the rawness of the product. Allow me to reassure the customer that in south Louisiana on a hot summer day inside of a beehive temperatures exceed 100 degrees.

Why does honey crystallize?

Natural raw honey crystallizes due to the fact that it has not been heated to extremely high temperatures that would melt all of the naturally occurring glucose crystals in the honey. Because these crystals are not melted they tend to spread and affect all of the adjacent honey much like a small amount of leaven will do when added to bread.

What should I do when my honey crystallizes?

The solution is simple: Put warm water in a pot and place it on the stove until the water is hot (don’t heat it too hot or this could become dangerous.) after the water is significantly hot take the pot off of the stove and place it in a sink and set your bottle of crystallized honey in the pot of hot water. Pretty soon you’ll notice the honey beginning to re-liquify. You may have to repeat this scenario more than once to fully re-liquify the entire bottle of honey.

When will my honey expire?

Did you know that honey never expires!? There has been honey found in some of the Egyptian pyramids that was dated to be 3,000 years old and still edible.

How can I buy bulk honey by the pallet or by the bucket?

Give us a call or email us using our Contact Us option!

Does Carmichael’s Honey LLC bottle honey with customized labels for a special event, a wedding or corporate giving for business gifts?

We absolutely do! We have plenty of experience in label design and marketing and we enjoy working with the customer to achieve the perfect label design that fits the occasion. Give us a call or email us through the website today!